Let’s Talk Gear

Camping gear… How do you stay organized camping? Pouches work for me.

  1. The Box Pouche – Sewing gear, small rotary cutter, thread, bobbins, etc.
  2. Waxed Color Block Pouch – Pattern by V & Co -Shower gear. Shampoo, conditioner, body wash and razor. This one came in so handy when I didn’t close the conditioner all the way so it leaked. The waxed canvas totally contained the liquid and easily rinsed out.
  3. Tula Pink Camping Color Block Pouch– Pattern by V & Co – Misc personal hygiene. Nail file, clippers, deodorant, Tylenol, band aides, a little make up, etc.
  4. Triangle Zip Pouch – charging cords and plug ins for electronic equipment.
  5. Sweetpea Pod – Pattern by Lazy Girl Designs – I hung this little cutie on my back pack so that my chap stick and a little cash were easily accessible.
  6.  Grocery Bag – Pattern by Michelle Patterns – A bag to keep it all together.

Happy Camping!


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