Jasper National Park

After one night camping in the Icefields we headed straight to Jasper on Friday the 13th of July with the intent of coming back to the glacier fields later. Without a reservation we were hoping for some last minute cancellations by other campers. 15km outside of Jasper I got cell service and booked a site for that night at Whistlers. Upon check-in there just happened to be a cancelled reservation for the following 3 nights. Yay! To say we were ecstatic is an understatement. This meant moving campsites in the morning but then we were there for 3 more nights without moving.

Once camp was set up and showers taken we headed to Jasper to do some much needed laundry. Eight days of camping had generated a few loads of dirty laundry especially with a few rainy nights in there. At least the tent was keeping us very dry. Excellent!!! 3 Sheets Laundry and Art Supplies had internet. I was able to write a couple of blog posts. Like I said before I did not expect to be so out of touch here. It felt good to just sit for a while after being on the road camping for 8 days.

That night we ate out for the first time on our trip. Lu Lu’s Pizza. The Viking and I agreed it was the best pizza ever!

Another pic of our campsite. Air bed, comforter and quilts. The temp has been very cold at night but we’ve been cozy as can be.

Can you spot the Sweetpea Pod from Lazy Girl Designs? Not to mention the Liberty Waterbottle from Swell.

Happy Camping!


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