Icefields Parkway

Planning our adventure we booked a total of 5 nights but we intend to be gone much longer than that. One thing we did not plan for was the lack of internet connection. Banff had minimal connection at the campground with good connection in town. At camp I could not get on Pinterest to look at all my wonderful guides I had pinned.

We were winging it with tourist and AAA maps. In hindsight I should have taken screen shots of all the info I found on Pinterest. I had learned that the Icefields Parkway is all primitive camping so it’s first come first served. The campground we were shooting for at Waterfowl Lakes. We had a few stops to make along the way.

Lake Louise to see the Fairmont Chateau

The lake is a milky blue color due to the sediment from the glaciers. Later in the month it settles to a clearer color. The mountains rise right out of the lake. Between the colors, mountains, glaciers, trees and rocks it is a feast for the eyes. I found it fascinating that there were Swiss guides working here taking people to the glaciers and hiking as far back as the 1920’s.

Moraine Lake

Up the road just a bit further is Moraine Lake. So far my favorite for the color alone. To me that color is the very best sea glass turquoise. I could stare at it all day! First things first. Climb the rock pile at the end of the parking lot for a great photo. Then wander the path along the shore.

Bow Lake

Beautiful as well. The color was not a brilliant as Moraine. What makes this lake fabulous is Num-Ti-Jah Lodge with it’s red roof and rustic decor. It was a warm windy day so we had the red chairs all to our selves in front of the lodge. Such a charming setting. We made this a quick stop. It was getting late and we were afraid we wouldn’t get a camp site.

Our hope was to camp at Waterfowl Lakes but we missed the last camp site by about 2 minutes. On down the road we went.

A bit further down the Icefields Parkway we found Rampart Creek which was pretty empty. We quickly pitched the Red Lodge Tent while thinking of the Num-Ti-Jah Lodge. Our tent is almost a big as the Lodge.

As if our day wasn’t full enough we had purposely skipped Peyto Lake to get a campsite. Once camp was set we jumped back in the car and drove back to Peyto which is said to be the bluest of the lakes in the Canadian Rockies. Peyto did not disappoint but my favorite is still Moraine Lake.

Happy Travels!

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