Let Yourself Go Adventure!

Have you ever dreamed of just taking the summer off, getting in the car and just going? Travel abroad? That would be my first choice if I had the funds available. I’ve dreamed of doing just that. When I look at all the beautiful sites here in the U.S and Canada there are so many places I want to see. A plan started to form. Why not? What am I waiting for? If I keep waiting… No! No more waiting.

The places that started calling are National Parks and Provincial Parks. You know, all those amazing photos on Pinterest and Instagram that make you say someday. Well someday became this summer. One month, 4 weeks, in a car with a tent. There will be some hotels, VRBO or cabins along the way but this will be a low cost down to earth adventure.

My travel partner is The Viking. We have been exploring the local mountains, beaches and waterfalls for about 6 months now. One day he looked at me and said, “Wouldn’t it be fun to take a month, get in the car and just go?” As soon as that sentence was formed and spoken my bags were being packed. Mentally, in my head.

Our vehicle for the trip is The Viking’s  2016 Ford Focus Hatchback. Great mileage, comfy ride and easy to get around in. I camped for 9 days out of my Toyota Yaris so I’m not too worried about traveling light.

July 6th we travel north to see the Canadian Rockies starting in Whistler then off to Banff and Jasper. As of today we have 5 nights booked. Yikes!

Work? No. I tried to take a leave of absence but to no avail. The leave wasn’t granted. There are other jobs… Maybe they hire me back in the fall…? I’m not going to worry. Besides, I have big plans for this trip. Let Yourself Go on an Adventure!

Wait till you see my Travel Sewing Kit!


Above Photos – Spruce Railroad Trail at Lake Crescent in the Olympic National Park.

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