Summer Love by Dear Stella

Semmer Love by Dear Stella with Kona Cotton Solid.
I am so looking forward to summer!! To help make it feel like summer is already is on it’s way, here are the solid coordinates for Summer Love by Dear Stella. Enter the giveaway below!

Robert Kaufman Kona Cotton coordinates for Summer Love by Dear Stella

Robert Kaufman Kona Cotton Solids – Sunflower, Punch, Carnation, Pomegranate, Ultra Marine, Aloe, Caribbean.

Summer Love by Dear Stella

For the giveaway please tell me – What do you love about summer? Comment on the blog to win a FQ Set of Summer Love by Dear Stella. The winner will be chosen on Wednesday, June 3rd.

Happy almost summer!


20 thoughts on “Summer Love by Dear Stella

  1. Summer is a time to create and wear breezy dresses and skirts. There are so many fun prints like Blend “Riding Hood” by Josephine Kimberling. Definitely a fashion statement! The fabric colors posted had me at aloe. What a fantastic color name. Thanks for posting.


  2. Summer is a little different in the Southwest: instead of the lovely warm weather, green grass, gorgeous flowers experienced by many parts of the country, our summer is a time to stay indoors, sew, and nest. With temperatures soaring to over 100 degrees for weeks at a time, early morning and late evening are really the only outdoors time (at least for me – there are some people who thrive on this heat, but I’m not one!)


  3. I love everything about summer. Here in the midwest I felt like we’d never see summer, but now that everything is greening up outside I know summer is on it’s way. Summer gives me a feeling of freedom….to open the windows and let the fresh air into the house…the freedom to run outside or for a drive without having to bundle up….the freedom to sit out in comfort…the freedom to relax not worry about slick or snowy roads. Bring summer on with all it’s bright colors and fresh breezes.


  4. My birthday is in July (the day before the holiday, but that’s okay- I get fireworks on my birthday some years!) so that is my favorite thing about summer!


  5. I love the lazy days of a summer weekend – sitting under my cherry tree in my Adirondack chair with a glass of ice tea and a good book.


  6. My favorite thing about summer is quilting! Here in Phoenix, it’s time to hunker down indoors with the air conditioning turned up. Thank Heaven for online fabric shopping!


  7. Summer is sunshine, cookouts, fresh fruits, veggies from the garden, slumber parties and campouts with my grandchildren.


  8. The wonderful fresh vegetables that are available from local gardens. Which just so happens to coordinate with the beautiful fabrics in the giveaway.


  9. Summer in Colorado means taking the camper up into the mountains, away from everything, and getting some quiet time with my hubby and my projects!


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