Mammoth Flannel and Upcycle Scarf

Mammoth Flannel Scarf

In the Northwest, flowers are starting to bloom, but it’s still winter. Sad but true. We still need to stay cozy and warm. The Mammoth Flannel Scarf was made using 1/2 yard of Robert Kaufman Mammoth Flannel and a soft old T-shirt with just the right shades of gray.

Robert Kaufman Mammoth Flannel

Cut the T-shirt off under the arms or at desired width. Cut the flannel to the same width plus 2 inches for the hem. Stitch a half inch hem on the top and bottom of the flannel. Top stitch the T-shirt fabric to the flannel leaving the edges raw..

Flannel Infinity Scarf

For a deconstructed look, leave the side seams on the T-shirt and leave the selvedge edge on the flannel. The flannel will fray a bit and the knit will roll without a hem but that just adds to the look. The scarf can get quite bulky so I did not add a twist.

The total length of my scarf measures 88 inches. At this length it can be worn double or triple looped. The T-shirt knit complements the soft flannel to make a warm and cozy scarf you can snuggle into.

Happy sewing!