Archer Button Up by Grainline Studio

Archer Button Up, Oh how I love thee!!! I count 4 ways so far. My latest in Mammoth Flannel Plaid, 2 using Chambray Union and one in Studio RK London Calling.

Archer Button Up in Mammoth Flannel

I would have to say the Archer Button Up by Grainline Studio is by far the most rewarding garment pattern to make. Yes, it’s a bit technical but each step leaves me feeling like I accomplished a magical feat. Each time, I make the Archer, I rely on the Grainline Studio Sew Along to get me through. Jen’s instructions are broken up into manageable sections that are easy to follow.

The plaid stripes are easy to aligned using Jen’s tutorial online. The center placket was cut on a slight bias for added interest. Truthfully – You don’t have to match those pesky stripes. Pocket? I may have been lazy that day. I’ll go back to add a pocket or two.

I added quite a bit to the length on this Archer. My goal was to wear it with leggings or skinny jeans which means I needed more of a tunic length.

Wish I had cut the yoke on the bias as well. I saw Jen’s tip after I finished sewing up the Archer. Next time…

The Mammoth Flannel is warm, comfy and super soft. At 6.4 oz per square yard it’s a bit heavier than the the 3.8 Chambray Union. Interfacing was used only on the cuffs. I felt they needed just a little added structure for folding the cuffs up.

To get the fit I like, here are the changes I continue to make to the pattern.
1 – Start with size 16 pattern, for bust measurement of 44 inches.
2 – Lengthen the hem line about 2 inches or more for tunic length.
3 – reduce the bulk in the sleeve by cutting the size 12 cuff and grade the sleeves down to match. (The armhole of the sleeve was left at the size of the shirt, size 16. I just tapered it down to a size 12 at the cuff.)

From Instagram #momselfie

I originally blogged about the Archer Button Up at Pink Chalk Studio. And for more info on the other two here is the link.

Happy New Year!


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