Pantone Spring Colors for 2015

Pantone Spring

I’ve seen quite a bit of discussion on the 2015 Pantone Color of the Year. Whether you like it or not. It’s created a stir. The Pantone Institute introduces 10 colors for Women’s Fashion and 10 colors for Men’s Fashion for the spring of each year. I will focus on women’s fashion. The palette on a whole is very pleasing to me. It’s soft and comfortable with a happy retro feel.


Soft cool hues blended with subtle warm tones create a soothing escape from the everyday hustle and bustle.Leatrice Eiseman Executive Director, Pantone Color Institute®


Here are the Kona Cotton coordinates for the 2015 Pantone Spring Palette.


My goal is to find just the right tone for each color. Some may be lighter or darker depending upon the photo used and the availability of that color in the manufacturers color selection. In other words, I am limited by the colors that are being produced at that time. Let’s take Marsala as an example. In my first blog post on Marsala I chose richer colors in order to get the right tone. There really isn’t a close match. After serious consideration over the weekend I believe Sienna is closer to the Pantone Marsala. Sienna is lighter with both brick and pink undertones.



Are those colors you can quilt with?


3 thoughts on “Pantone Spring Colors for 2015

  1. Your eye for color is a true gift. I am one of those muddling through the maze of what goes with what and find it daunting oh-so-much of the time! I continue to practice every chance I get. And, then there are the new colors every year! Lol. Thank you for this post!


  2. This is wonderful. You are the official Color Whisperer! Really, this is so helpful for humble sewists who were not blessed with your intuitution for color. Thank you!


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