11 Essential Quilt Retreat Sewing Tools

Sewing Retreat essentials

Going to a quilting retreat? Here are the 11 essential sewing tools or notions to take with you. Lately I’m all about minimalism. Why pack extra stuff your never going to use? With the exception of fabric of course. Can you ever really have enough fabric? Said no quilter ever!! The first long distance retreat I participated in, I over packed. My biggest mistake was bringing an 18×24 cutting mat. That’s what was on the packing list so I brought it. Now I know better. Bring the minimum. You will thank me later!

  1. 12×12 inch Olfa Rotating Cutting Mat – This is a game changer! Seriously. No need to turn your work when cutting. Turn the mat. This is by far my favorite tool ever!!
  2. 6 1/2 inch square Omnigrid Ruler – Big enough to cut most quilt pieces. And you can use it to square things up too.
  3. 28mm Olfa Rotary Cutter – It’s small, compact and super easy to use. At home, I keep this one next to my sewing table as my go to for trimming quilt blocks as I sew.
  4. Wonder Clips – So much easier to transport than pins. I usually take about 8-10.
  5. Aurifil 50wt Thread – 100% Cotton. Great for piecing quilt blocks. The thread nestles into the seams for minimal seam density. I like to have a Natural #2021, Dove #2600 and grey #2605. Most of the time I use the Dove #2021 for all my piecing.
  6. Pre wound bobbins – Save yourself time and wind them before you leave. I always throw in a few empty ones just in case.
  7. Buddies Bobbin Clips – I seriously need more of these. I picked up a sample somewhere. What a game changer. Keep the bobbin and thread together forever.
  8. Schmetz Microtex Needles – Perfect for piecing and most quilting needs. This is my go to needle for most sewing need.
  9. 4 inch Classic Snips – A good pair of thread snips is a necessity for cutting those stray threads or trimming corners.
  10. Seam Ripper – Let’s face it your going to make mistakes so plan to bring a good comfortable seam ripper. Here is the Classic Clover Seam Ripper.
  11. Marking tool. This could be a Fixion Pen, Hera Marker or this disappearing ink pen for fabric.

Sewing Retreat essentials

These 11 Sewing Essentials will make your quilting retreat less stressful and much happier. Now don’t forget the wine and chocolate!

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Happy sewing!